I received the 1847 Charlotte $2.50 coin Saturday and am very pleased with it. I really appreciate just how courteous your staff was during my transaction. I also enjoyed talking with you over the phone a few days ago. Hope to do more business with your company in the future. - Tim H. 11/2014

In receipt of coin (Humbert)-today! Nice coin for the grade-Thank you once again for your excellent customer service-very much appreciated! - Russ 8/2014

Got my coin today! It is great! Thanks for your help.

- Ron Z. 7/2014

John, I received my coin today & it's beautiful! It's the coin I have always wanted. I had a very nice 1799 bust dollar (PCGS VF 25), but sold it recently because I always wanted a nice 1795 Flowing hair dollar. I think they are the best U.S. dollars. They are very cool pcs. of history. But I wanted to wait until I found the right one, well I found it! Thanks to you and your staff. - Ron 7/2014

Coin received today. Very pleased! Thanks again! - Steve  7/2014

This coin I bought from you all is just beautiful! I love it!
- Rob  2/2014

"I have been very pleased with the descriptions, service, and quality of John B. Hamrick and Company. John is honest and paints an accurate picture of the coins in both the internet description and in verbal discussions over the phone. Buy with confidence knowing that what you receive will be as described. Great, high quality selection of coins!"      - Mr. T in North Carolina 1/2014

I received the coin yesterday, and it meets the AU-50 grade so I am going to keep it. Thank you for sending the coin to me in a timely manner.

I enjoyed speaking with you over the phone. The late Tom Lacey considered you to be a "gold expert."
- Bill 1/2014

Im very happy with the coin and the service on it - Jeff 1/2014

"We received the MS65 1928S Peace Dollar today and are absolutely THRILLED. When you stated in your ad that this is the coin astute collectors would vie for you were right. It fits in our collection perfectly. Blast White, no major marks or carbon spots. The coin is just perfect for our set. It was a sincere pleasure doing business with you and hope we can meet you in person at a show sometime, and of course we will always be looking for high quality upgrades to our set on your website." - Pam & Truman 1/2014

My father was thrilled with the coin. He loves coins, attends coin fairs frequently though he's just a novice collector. Thank you for your assistance an I will definitely keep you in mind in the future. - Andy 1/2014

Dear John: Coin received with thanks. Look forward to purchase more coins from you in future. Regards - Raymond 7/2012

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am once again with another coin that I have purchased from you. That 1880 O in MS65 is gorgeous, and like you said, is almost prooflike. The strike is wonderful! I am very pleased to add this coin to my collection. …Thank you once again for helping me improve my Morgan Dollar collection. - Tom  4/2012

Received the 1911 Saint today. It looks Great!! Thanks for doing business with me. - Phil 4/2012

You are even better than your word; the coin arrived in yesterday's mail. Thank you. - Steve 4/2012

Thanks for your discerning grading eye, John. 07 AU58 Eagle received today. Nice Coin. - Dan 3/2012

I received the coin and it's fantastic. I appreciate your prompt and courteous service. Take care. - Spencer 2/2012

... There is always something I like on your website. What a year for collecting! - Terry 11/2011

Good morning, Sir. I have received the coin. Thank you and look forward to doing business with you in the future. - Bret 10/2011

I just wanted to let you know that I got the 1889 CC Morgan I ordered, and I am very happy with it. Thanks! - Glen 8/2011

...I think this one is super nice, and I am glad I bought it. I check your site nearly every day looking for coins. Hope you have a great weekend. - Joe 4/2011

...Porfessional, polite, orgainzed and efficient. Couldn't ask for anything more!!! - Wallace 4/2011

The coin is beautiful. Thank you so much. Worth the two year wait/savings. - Steve 3/2011

Just wanted to comment on the great quality of the coin I purchased.... exceeded my expectation. - Gary 3/2011

Just received 1799 Bust Dollar and wanted to say thanks-- love the coin. - Mike 3/2011

John, man was I excited to see this; I bought it immediately on the website. It is the last coin I need to finish a complete set for MS64 OGH Peace Dollars. - Ken 3/2011

As always, there's a lot of value in this coin. I'm very satisfied with your selections of all the coins I have purchased from you. - Pete 11/2010

The 1922 and 1923 Saints arrived today. They are equisite. Thank you for your patience. - Hank 9/2010

I received the 1887-S Morgan today. The coin has incredible eye appeal. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all your help and patience. - Kevin 8/2010

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