Who is John B. Hamrick?

In 1963 he bought his first coin shop in Atlanta while attending the Georgia Institute of Technology. Prior to the purchase of the coin shop, Mr. Hamrick was a serious coin collector since 1953 when he obtained his Boy Scout Merit Badge in Coin Collecting.

In 1972 Mr. Hamrick successfully took his then current business, World-Wide Coin Investments, Ltd. public with a well known brokerage firm out of Philadelphia. The stock was subsequently traded on the Boston Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.

By 1975 firm's sales had increased to over $20,000,000 (a substantial sum for the time), and it had handled many of the greatest U.S. coin rarities. In fact, in August and October of 1972 Mr. Hamrick purchased the three greatest U.S. coin rarities of all times: the 1913 Liberty Head Nickel (Hydeman specimen), one of only five coins minted; the 1804 Silver Dollar (Idler specimen), one of thirteen coins known; and the 1894-S dime (known as the Daggert specimen because superintendent Daggert of the San Francisco Mint had given the coin to his daughter, Hallie), one of only 14 coins minted. These acquisitions generated great publicity and curiosity as the 1913 Liberty Head Nickel was the first U.S. coin to ever sell for $100,000. Mr. Hamrick estimates that he received over $1,000,000 in free publicity over the next few years from these purchases, opening many doors to the purchases of substantial collections and individual coins which helped to increase sales significantly as a result. Since then, these coins have increased unbelievably in value with the 1913 Liberty Head Nickel (the same coin) selling for auction in January of this year (2010) at auction for $3,737,500. The 1804 Silver Dollar is worth over $2,000,000 now, and the 1894-S dime is approaching the $1,000,000 mark. Mr. Hamrick subsequently sold his interests in World-Wide in 1979.

From 1979-1997 Mr. Hamrick conducted primarily a wholesale rare coin business while attending over 30 major coin conventions each year. These shows and related auctions led to the purchase of tens of millions of dollars of rare coins over the years.

Mr. Hamrick met many retail customers while attending these conventions each year, and this led to his interest in establishing a national retail business. The internet appeared to be the ideal platform for this new business.

Subsequently in 1998, John B. Hamrick & Co. was formed. The development of a first class website was begun and transgressed over a period of time. In the meantime, John B. Hamrick and other employees continued to tour the country developing new customers at every stop. The retail coin business has successfully evolved over the year to a major internet presence offering a wide array of coins at fair prices. The new website being launched in 2010 is a culmination of all these efforts and the addition of thousands of new customers.

In 2008 Mr. Hamrick handled the sale of the Old Roswell Mill Collection which he had helped assemble over previous years for over $5,000,000. This collection contained many outstanding rarities which attracted lots of attention. Some of the more famous ones are as follows: 1796 Capped Bust $2.50 No Stars NGC AU58, 1876 Liberty Seated 20C NGC MS65, 1854-S Liberty $2.50 NC VF35, 1907 Indian Head $10 Rolled Edge PCGS MS65, 1796 Liberty Cap 1/2C With Pole NGC AU55BN, 1875 Liberty Head $10 NGC AU53 (100 minted), 1901-S Barber 25C PCGS MS66, 1921 St. Gaudens $20 PCGS MS62, 1797 Draped Bust 50C NGC AU55 (plate coin in "100 Greatest U.S. Coins" and in A Guide Book of United States Type Coins), 1920-S Indian $10 NGC MS64, 1794 Liberty Cap 1C Starred Reverse NGC XF45BN (2nd finest known), 1861 Confederate Cent Original NGC PR61, 1870-CC Liberty $5 NGC AU58, 1930-S St. Gaudens $20 PCGS MS64, 1931-D St. Gaudens $20 PCGS MS65, 1776 Continental $1 "Curency" Variety PCGS AU58, 1864 2C Small Motto PCGS PR65RB, 1861-S Liberty $20 "Paquet" Reverse NGC AU50, 1867 Shield 5C With Rays NGC PR65 Cameo, 1863 Liberty $2.50 NGC PR65 Ultra Cameo (30 minted), 1841 Liberty $2.50 "Little Princess" NGC PR55 (20 minted), and 1793 Liberty Cap 1C PCGS VF20. A further description of this collection and the coins mentioned above is under "Press Releases."

John B. Hamrick & Co. continues to live on serving its many valued customers in every aspect of their collecting and investing. Whether you have coins to sell, or have specific coins that you are looking for, it will pay to contact John B. Hamrick & Co.

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